20 Apr

Wholesale Clothing Supplier for Retailers: How to Choose the Right One

Wholesale Clothing Supplier for Retailers: How to Choose the Right One - WFS
It's difficult to choose just one wholesale clothing supplier for retailers. Here's a helpful guide. You have spent hours researching manufacturers, wholesale companies, and individual artisans to find quality, trendy clothes for a fair price. You have learned that you could buy directly from the manufacturer if you can purchase large quantities of each product. Plus, many manufacturers are still old school and only want to deal with wholesalers. That’s okay because you’ve probably also realized that a wholesale supplier gives you the highest profit margins with the guarantees you need for a successful retail business, such as meeting shipping deadlines and small-batch orders. Now, you have to choose from the best wholesaler. As a boutique owner, there are ways to narrow your...
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29 Jul

5 Ways to Improve Your Supplier Relationship Management

Wholesale Supplier Relationship Management - Wholesale Fashion Square WFS
Supplier relationship management is essential when buying in bulk for your boutique or retail store - here are five ways to improve your relationship with your supplier. As a retail business owner, you must find quality products at a low price so you can sell them in your store for a profit. You spend hours searching for the right supplier. Once you find them, you may feel like you've hit the jackpot. You accomplished your goal. And you did. But finding the best supplier is your new starting point to reaching long-term goals for your business. You must learn to manage your relationship with the supplier effectively. Understanding the value of supplier relationship management can help you see why it is the key...
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