4 Feb

9 Tips to Know Before Buying Wholesale Bulk Jewelry

9 Tips to Know Before Buying Wholesale Bulk Jewelry - WFS
There is a lot to consider when it comes to buying wholesale bulk jewelry. Here are helpful tips to know. The jewelry industry is a multi-billion-dollar market, and retailers across the globe are making big profits. We want you to make big profits too. So, we investigated success stories to pinpoint what they were doing right. Then, we put together a list of nine tips to know before buying wholesale bulk jewelry. We want to share that information with you. 1. Learn More About Wholesale Purchasing It is never a good idea to start something without being fully educated on what it is and how it can benefit your boutique. A supply chain starts with a manufacturer who creates a product. The manufacturer...
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27 Jan

7 Tips for Buying Wholesale Inventory for Your Boutique

7 Tips for Buying Wholesale Inventory for Your Boutique - WFS
There is a lot to consider when it comes to buying wholesale inventory. Here are helpful tips to keep in mind. If you own a clothing boutique, you know your customers like to see something new each time they visit. They get bored easily, it seems. For you, running a business is mostly just that, running a business. It's the behind-the-scenes activities that take up most of your time and effort. You may have even been sticking with the same brands and the same supplier because right now, it is just easier. Or you may feel obligated to maintain the relationship you've taken a long time to develop. Your customers aren't thinking about the business, however. They are thinking about trends, fads,...
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25 Jan

7 Tips on Buying Wholesale Jewelry for Your Boutique

7 Tips on Buying Wholesale Jewelry for Your Boutique - Wholesale Fashion Square
Buying wholesale jewelry can be stressful, especially if you're a new boutique business owner. Read further for helpful tips. Owning your own business is exciting and it comes with many advantages, but there is also a lot to know before you get started. If you just decided on opening a jewelry store, or you already own one, you should consider buying your products wholesale. Whether we are talking about dainty pearl bracelets or elegant engagement rings, jewelry is a great market to turn over product, so there’s also a big opportunity to buy it wholesale. Buying jewelry wholesale is one of the best things you can do for your store. This means that you can stock up your boutique for less money,...
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12 Jan

11 Reasons to Buy From Wholesale Clothing Vendors in USA

11 Reasons to Buy From Wholesale Clothing Vendors in USA - WFS
What's so special about buying from wholesale clothing vendors in USA? There are a ton of benefits. Read now! You know that feeling you get when you’re checking out a pair of pants, and you scroll by the tag that says, “Made in the USA”? It makes you do a double check of the item to find a reason to buy it. You get a sense of pride that you once found a product made in your country. While you don’t mind supporting overseas workers occasionally, there’s just something special about knowing where your product originated. And this is not the only reason to buy from wholesale clothing vendors in USA. Keep reading to learn more. 1. America Needs Jobs In 2020, 25,000 retail...
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6 Jan

The Ultimate Guide for Buying Wholesale Jewelry for Resale

Buying Wholesale Jewelry for Resale - Wholesale Fashion Square
It can be tricky buying wholesale jewelry for resale as there is a lot to consider. Here is the ultimate guide to help. Owning a clothing boutique means you’re in the business of making your customers look and feel great. Selling them a blouse or skirt is a great start but not a complete outfit. It needs finishing touches, and, in your shop, that means jewelry. Jewelry is essential for many reasons, other than just completing an outfit. The right piece of jewelry highlights features of the face and body. Rings highlight fingers, hands, and new manicures. Necklaces highlight the neck and chest features. Earrings highlight the face. Your customers will have many different reasons for wearing jewelry, including: Artistic purposes Show off...
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31 Dec

How to Buy Wholesale Boutique Clothing

How to Buy Wholesale Boutique Clothing | WFS
It can be overwhelming in the beginning to buy wholesale boutique clothing. What are the best strategies? Read on for details. Finding the right location, designing your boutique space, marketing to the right customers, and building your brand on social media are steps you’re taking to make your boutique a success. Now it’s time to buy wholesale clothing to please your customers and give you higher profit margins. How you buy wholesale boutique clothing could be one of the most important decisions you make. Below is a checklist to help you reach your goals and see your vision of being a successful boutique owner come true. It starts with finding the right wholesale supplier. Choose a Wholesale Supplier That Rocks When searching for the...
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15 Dec

7 Fashion Earrings Trending Right Now

fashion 7 Fashion Earrings Trending Right Now - Wholesale Fashion Square
There are so many different variations of fashion earrings now, that it's definitely worth knowing the top picks. Read on. Tube hoop, statement, sculptural, celestial, huggie, hoop, stud, and chandelier. These are just a few names of earrings trending right now. The thousands of earring options can be overwhelming if you are a boutique owner shopping for women of all cultures and backgrounds and with unique personalities. But you must do it because earrings have a purpose. They complete an outfit, show off your personality, and highlight facial features. That is if you know how to match the shape of the earrings to the shape of your face. We’re here to help. Below is what we have learned from the experts on choosing the right earrings based on face shape. We’ve paired seven face shapes with 7 fashion earrings trending right...
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24 Nov

The Advantages of Buying Wholesale Clothing

The Advantages of Buying Wholesale Clothing | WFS
Buying wholesale clothing includes many advantages, some that may surprise you. Read further details. Opening a retail business is exciting. You can envision customers entering your boutique, loving the items on the shelves, and making big purchases. To make this happen, you've got to find clothing and accessories your customers will love. You must get them at a price that allows you to profit but isn't too costly for your customers. You want it to be a win-win for everyone. There are tips you can implement to make this happen, like buying wholesale clothing. Below are some of the advantages of buying wholesale clothing. 1. Access Latest Trends Wholesale suppliers purchase from manufacturers that are busy creating the newest trends in the fashion world....
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10 Nov

Plus Size Fall Fashion Trends to Include in Your Boutique

Plus Size Fall Fashion Trends to Include in Your Boutique - WFS
Missing something in your boutique? How about including plus size fall fashion trends to make it complete? Get all the latest information here. Many retailers are catching on that plus sized women make up the majority of American women, like 67%. Sizes 13 and higher are in more demand, and women today want to look good. They don't want to get stuck choosing from two or three items with elastic wastes and no personality. Your boutique can answer the call from all plus sized women asking for trendy outfits. Below are plus size fall fashion trends to include in your boutique. Animal Print Sets While everyone is still confused about returning to work and working from home, it's essential to look good in either...
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26 Oct

The Latest Trends in Wholesale Clothing

Trends in Wholesale Clothing - Wholesale Fashion Square
Understanding the latest trends in wholesale clothing is essential when purchasing items for your retail boutique - here's what you should know. A fashion trend occurs when someone creates a product that is liked by masses of consumers. They like it so much they purchase it. Wearing it inspires their friends and family to buy the item, and the cycle continues until it doesn't. There are categories of trends, including one season, several seasons, and long-lasting. There is even a timeless trend with clothing that never goes out of style. It's hard to know which category the latest trends in wholesale clothing will fall. An excellent example of a long-lasting trend is athleisure. From Lululemon to Lula Roe, clothing transforms from workout...
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