12 Jul

Inventory Management for Small Business: Buy Wholesale

Inventory Management for Small Business Boutiques and Wholesale Clothing Vendors - Wholesale Fashion Square
Inventory management for small business is essential to increase efficiency and revenue. This is especially true for boutiques. These 6 tips can help you improve your inventory management when buying wholesale. You have goals as a small business owner that includes managing your inventory better to improve customer satisfaction and retention, and of course, increase profits. Those are worthy goals but are often easier to write down on paper than implement, until now. Having customer-first goals like this means you have the potential to rock the retail industry. Wholesalers have similar goals. They want customers (you) to be satisfied; place reorders, and, of course, increase their profits. If you succeed, they succeed. One way wholesalers can help you succeed by tweaking the...
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9 Jul

8 Women’s Summer Clothing Items to Have In Your Boutique

Women's Summer Clothing Items to Have In Your Boutique - Wholesale Fashion Square
As you prepare your boutique for summer, consider these 8 perfect women's summer clothing items to include in your inventory. You've set a budget. You've analyzed your customer base, and you know which sizes sell the most and least. You understand your boutique's design layout, how many items will make it look organized, and how many will make it look cluttered. Most importantly, you understand how women want to feel, and you know the right summer styles can elevate both mood and confidence. You are ready to start buying women's summer clothing items to add to your inventory. Below are the 10 top summer wardrobe essentials to have in your boutique.   The Perfect Summer Dress In many areas, summer means high temperatures. That doesn't mean...
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30 Jun

7 Reasons to Buy In Bulk From A Wholesaler

Buy In Bulk From A Wholesaler - Wholesale Fashion Square
As a boutique or store owner, your priority is your bottom line, and you can improve your return on investment if you buy in bulk from a wholesaler. Here are 7 benefits of using wholesale products in your store. Some people think buying in bulk means purchasing large quantities of a product to stock their shelves. To some, it means they don't have to go back to the store for a while. Others think it means getting a significant discount. The truth is, bulk buying is a combination of these statements. The industry definition of buying in bulk means to purchase large quantities of a specific item at one time to reduce the price you pay for each item without wasting, or...
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