6 Apr

7 High Quality Fashion Jewelry Wholesale Must-Haves

High Quality Fashion Jewelry Wholesale - WFS
Finding the best wholesale fashion jewelry can be an important task. Here are 7 tips for finding high quality fashion jewelry wholesale must-haves. Jewelry is a must-have for your boutique. Customers buy jewelry in various ways: a gift for a friend or family member, an accessory for their wardrobe, or an impulse buy. Your job as the boutique owner is to find the perfect fashion jewelry, display it in a way that convinces your customers they need it, and then enjoy the profits. Working with a wholesale supplier to purchase fashion jewelry will give you the greatest deals on the trendiest accessories, like the seven high-quality fashion jewelry wholesale must-haves below. 1. Fashion Watches In a time when many people use their cell phones...
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29 Mar

7 Tips To Find the Best Wholesale Supplier for Your Small Clothing Business

small clothing business - WFS
Do you have a small clothing business? Here are some helpful tips for finding a wholesale supplier. Finding a wholesale supplier for your small clothing business is critical. It can mean the difference between high and low profits, meeting or missing shipping deadlines, and getting the scoop on the latest trends. So, how do you pick the best wholesaler for such a pivotal role in your business? Below are 11 tips to help you narrow your list and make a final decision. 1. They Buy from the Best Manufacturers Wholesale suppliers depend on their manufacturers to let them know which trends are up-and-coming from the designers. They also rely on manufacturers to use quality materials, fulfill their orders, ship them on time, and...
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24 Mar

What is Visual Merchandising and Why Is It Key for Retail Success

What is Visual Merchandising and Why Is It Key for Retail Success - WFS
You have spent so much time searching for the right products to sell in your boutique. Hours upon hours of research, finding a quality wholesale supplier, marketing, and more. You’ve done everything right, so it is crucial you get a slam dunk when it comes to visual merchandising (VM). Visual merchandising is key to retail success. You could have the best product on the planet, but if it doesn’t get customers to walk through the door of your retail shop, you won’t sell it. That’s where visual merchandising comes into play. Visual Merchandising Explained Visual merchandising includes your plan, design, and display of the products for sale in your boutique. Visual merchandising is like your own private floor-model seller. It helps your products...
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15 Mar

How to Choose a Reliable Wholesale Fashion Jewelry Supplier

How to Choose a Reliable Wholesale Fashion Jewelry Supplier - WFS
Clothing boutiques must provide options for a complete outfit. That means you give customers access to more than just fashion-forward pants and tops. You give them socks, scarves, shoes, handbags, and most importantly, jewelry. While stocking the right fashion jewelry in your store is essential, finding the right pieces for the right price, season, theme, and trend can sometimes be challenging. To make your job easier, find a reliable wholesale fashion jewelry supplier. What Is A Wholesale Fashion Jewelry Supplier? Wholesale suppliers are your one-stop-shop for all things boutique-related, not just jewelry. They work directly with manufacturers and are given the 411 on the latest trends in clothing. With that insider information, they search and find the latest, greatest accessories to pair with...
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8 Mar

7 Wholesale Spring Clothing Trends to Check Out for Your Store

wholesale spring clothing - WFS
If you're looking for wholesale spring clothing ideas, then look no further! Read below for details. Many people think January is the month of renewal. It’s the first month of a new year, sure, but it’s also hard to feel renewed in the middle of winter. Cute outfits are covered up by layers of clothing meant only to keep you warm. Early in the new year, most people are still winding down from the chaos of the holidays, recovering from the winter flu and blues, and focused on resolutions. Meaning they are thinking about making changes but not making them. Spring is the true time of renewal. As the weather warms, you can sense the excitement everywhere you go. People spend more time...
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25 Feb

How To Create a Successful Boutique Business Plan

How To Create a Successful Boutique Business Plan - WFS
It can be overwhelming to think about a boutique business plan. Luckily, here is a helpful guide to get started. If your goal is to open a fashion boutique, then you need a plan that could win an Olympic gold medal if there were such a category. The plan must turn your small space into a unique, trendy hot spot. Plus, it must show the various ways your profits will grow. You need to create a successful boutique business plan. This may sound complicated. We get it. That’s why we put together a list of tips to help you in the process. What’s Your Boutique Type? Choosing your type of boutique is deciding how you will make money. Consignment boutiques make money by selling...
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18 Feb

The Importance of High Quality Boutique Wholesale Clothing

The Importance of High Quality Boutique Wholesale Clothing - WFS
Why buy high quality boutique wholesale clothing? Here's a helpful guide with tips to keep in mind. Customers want and deserve the best prices, the best customer service, and the best clothing quality. They want to spend money on an outfit that looks great, feels great, and will last for years. Clothing matters more than you may think. Today, it’s true you get what you pay for, especially when it comes to clothing. Many clothing items are advertised one way and arrive completely different. Because they are so cheap, buyers end up keeping them to avoid the hassle of a return. This does not make your customers happy. High quality clothing will make them happy. Below are the reasons behind the importance of...
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11 Feb

What to Consider When Finding Wholesale Bulk Clothing Vendors

What to Consider When Finding Wholesale Bulk Clothing Vendors - WFS
Wholesale bulk clothing vendors can be tricky to find. You want the one that best fits your top needs. Here's what to consider. If you own a clothing boutique, there is one thing you must get right, the clothing. The clothing you sell must have three wow factors: style, quality, and price. Since you don't have the time to visit every wholesaler in the world, or the worldwide web, finding one that can provide clothing with all three wows is your new goal. So, what should you consider when finding wholesale vendors? We have the answer below. Consider Location Sure, today, you have access to wholesalers across the globe, but there are disadvantages to consider. Like, what if you order bulk clothing from China...
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4 Feb

9 Tips to Know Before Buying Wholesale Bulk Jewelry

9 Tips to Know Before Buying Wholesale Bulk Jewelry - WFS
There is a lot to consider when it comes to buying wholesale bulk jewelry. Here are helpful tips to know. The jewelry industry is a multi-billion-dollar market, and retailers across the globe are making big profits. We want you to make big profits too. So, we investigated success stories to pinpoint what they were doing right. Then, we put together a list of nine tips to know before buying wholesale bulk jewelry. We want to share that information with you. 1. Learn More About Wholesale Purchasing It is never a good idea to start something without being fully educated on what it is and how it can benefit your boutique. A supply chain starts with a manufacturer who creates a product. The manufacturer...
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27 Jan

7 Tips for Buying Wholesale Inventory for Your Boutique

7 Tips for Buying Wholesale Inventory for Your Boutique - WFS
There is a lot to consider when it comes to buying wholesale inventory. Here are helpful tips to keep in mind. If you own a clothing boutique, you know your customers like to see something new each time they visit. They get bored easily, it seems. For you, running a business is mostly just that, running a business. It's the behind-the-scenes activities that take up most of your time and effort. You may have even been sticking with the same brands and the same supplier because right now, it is just easier. Or you may feel obligated to maintain the relationship you've taken a long time to develop. Your customers aren't thinking about the business, however. They are thinking about trends, fads,...
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