1 Apr

6 Essential Items for a Spring Capsule Wardrobe

Essentials for a Spring Capsule Wardrobe
Do you ever find yourself staring into your closet, simultaneously overwhelmed by your options and certain that you have nothing to wear? A more expertly curated collection of clothing might be the answer to any wardrobe woes you experience when choosing your outfit each day—enter the capsule! The concept of the capsule wardrobe was developed in the 1970s by London boutique owner Susie Faux. Essentially, a capsule clothing collection starts with a small number of timeless items—like versatile pants, skirts, and outerwear—that gets augmented each season by fresh statement pieces and accessories. Ideally, the pieces in a capsule collection should all mix and match, so you can create lots of outfits with a relatively low number of items. A capsule wardrobe...
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